Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Most Endangered Butterfly in Europe - Macedonian Grayling

This butterfly is referred as the most endangered butterfly in Europe by IUCN. This species occurs in one location only, near Pletvar in the FYR of Macedonia. The total distribution area is less than 1.5 km². The population size is possibly below 10,000 specimens in bad years. The population is in decline because of habitat destruction by quarrying. This species is therefore considered as Critically Endangered at the European level.

Macedonian Grayling - Pseudohazara cingovskii


The major treat of this beautiful butterfly

This is a European endemic, restricted to one location globally. The area of habitat for the species is shrinking due to active quarries. Without any intervention the species is critically threatened with extinction.

Preserved specimen for studying

Conservation Actions

The most urgent action is the protection of the remaining habitat from further destruction by quarrying. Research is also needed on the ecology and habitat requirements of the species to ensure that a proper management plan can be drawn up to prevent the species from becoming extinct. The effects of the management should be monitored closely by Butterfly Monitoring Schemes.  

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