Sunday, September 4, 2016

Earth is chaos. Cosmos is indifferent.

Lately i have been reading a lot about everything that is placed for people all over the internet, and i started this blog for several purposes. First of all I wanted to write and explore the whole cosmos, which is impossible. And then i noticed that people don't know a lot about the cosmos and about our planet, which at some point i was raged about. I am starting this blog to bring news and opinions to the people that are reading or will be reading this blog. Also my goal is to post about science, nature conservation and animal behavior. 
  1. totally indifferent standing point ( just like the cosmos is)
  2. scientific standing point ( which can be realistic, compassionate and totally indifferent) 
What "tottaly indifferent" actually means ?  

1. Honestly, i don't know how to put it right... so here is an example : You are all aware of the wars going on in this world, you are all aware of the health crisis, economic crisis, drugs crisis, medicine crisis... (i think you get the idea). People are compassionate creatures (sometimes) but as i said before "the cosmos is indifferent", which means that the universe doesn't care if tomorrow an asteroid hits the Earth and kills the whole human population , because to the universe nothing is important. The only thing the cosmos needs, to be there, is the flow of matter and energy. The same thing goes for "life". None of the physical and chemical processes can exist without the flow, also nothing can correlate without the flow. 
2.  As for the scientific standing point: The scientists can never be totally indifferent (except in some cases) , because they are all human (Homo sapiens) . Also the scientists can be really emotional about their work or their field of research, because in the end (i will say again) they are all human. Most of the time they are realistic, which is very good and very important. I am saying this because of an example : Imagine yourself working on conservation of some species of rhino , which is a target of poachers, and you are using methods to really evaluate the status of the population. And you get a result that the rhino is endangered right ? And you are submitting the paper so you can put the species on the IUCN Red List, at that moment stop and think for a second... You are becoming compassionate and you  are trying to save the rhino from extinction, but have you ever wondered if the poachers are right for what they are doing? Have you ? I did and from totally indifferent standing point both you or I were right to save the rhino, but the poachers are also right ( from that point of view), because we are just one species (Homo sapiens), which is doing what they think is right. But from the human standing point : THE POACHERS SHOULD BE IN JAIL !!! right ? I as a human i am against animal cruelty. I am studying ecology, i have been involved in many conservation projects, and i fight against destruction of the environment. And for example when we are doing a study on some insects, lets say butterflies, we are using methods to provide realistic data about the status of the population... Which is good right ? We must be honest and realistic about the data, right ? For example the butterfly Phengaris arion
 And the results say that the larvae of the butterfly uses chemicals and hormones to trick the ant nest (mimicking the ants) and uses the food of the ants (in the process a lot ants die). Will you judge the larvae for using/abusing the ants? Okay, lets say no. So please imagine this : Some alien is sent to Earth to write a PhD about the human (Homo sapiens) population. What will he say? What will his results be? Will they be positive or negative? Should they be positive or negative? No, if he is realistic he will evaluate that the human population is an intelligent species which is in the top of chain, and controls the biosphere. That will be it. My point is that we are just one more species of the planet Earth. But make no mistake, i am also Homo sapiens...

I hope that there will be a discussion  about these thoughts and ideas . Thank you for reading i can't wait to hear people's opinion about this. Till the next time, Bye. ( i included 3 of my favorite quotes)

"Man can never understand the complexity of the relation between inorganic matter and life, created during many millenia" (Eugene Odum)

"Just let the nature takes its course." (Unknown)


"Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps it's time to control the population to allow the survival of the environment"

(David Attenborough)

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